Making memories through Nepali games.

Proud to be Alchi

At Alchi, we believe that culture is a bridge that connects people, fostering understanding, respect, and unity in our diverse world. Our mission is to promote cultural appreciation and awareness through engaging and immersive board games. We strive to create interactive experiences that celebrate the richness and beauty of various cultures, encouraging players to learn, connect, and celebrate our global heritage. We are dedicated to the belief that games have the power to bring families and communities together. Our vision includes providing an opportunity for families to gather around our games, sparking meaningful conversations, laughter, and shared memories. Through our creations, we aim to inspire a sense of curiosity, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the world's cultural tapestry, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and harmonious society.


Why the name "Alchi"? In Nepali, "Alchi" translates to laziness. While laziness is commonly linked with negative character traits, the association doesn't hold true for Alchi people. Instead, individuals with an Alchi disposition tend to employ intuitive methods to accomplish tasks. They possess a keen sense of when to relax and leverage the resources at their disposal to meet their needs. Historical evidence supports the notion that Alchi individuals often attain significant success in their careers. Notable figures such as Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, Einstein, Newton, and Picasso were considered exceptionally lazy, yet their accomplishments demonstrate otherwise.


Opp Police Station, Chakupath, Lalitpur, Nepal


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We are actively seeking kindred partners who share our commitment to fostering Nepali culture and tradition among the younger generation. We are enthusiastic about the prospect of featuring our games in your store and contributing to the promotion of our rich cultural heritage. Please email us at with vendor request information in your subject line. Looking forward to further collaborations

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